Our trip to Ecuador began with a couple of days in Quito before flying out to the Galapagos Islands for a seven-day cruise. Here are some photos from the first part of our Ecuador adventure. Quito sits at an elevation of over 9,000 … Continue reading

Oregon Coast

Every couple of years Lorette and her two sisters get together for a little family reunion and allow their spouses to tag along. This time the destination was the Oregon coast. And this time Lewey got to go. We had a … Continue reading

Commencement Bay

One of the fun activities around here is to explore Commencement Bay with Destiny Harbor Tours. So when my neighbor abandoned his sister who was visiting from Arkansas and went to Europe with his wife, I thought it would be neighborly … Continue reading

Bainbridge Island

Another adventure of the Retired Amigos. Several weeks ago Jeff and I drove over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and picked up Max in Gig Harbor. There are two ways to get to Bainbridge Island. One is by ferry from Seattle. … Continue reading

The Big Seven- OH!

It was more of a group birthday party than an official reunion. In 2015 everyone in my high school class from 1963 turns 70. Some of us have maintained contact via email over the years and starting about a year ago, an idea … Continue reading


Columbus was actually the beginning and the end of my trip to Georgia with Serenbe and Lakemont in between. So, even if it’s not chronologically accurate, I thought I’d start with the flight to Atlanta. After driving back to Columbus … Continue reading


When I was a kid, my family occasionally visited our Atlanta relatives at their summer place on Lake Rabun in the mountains of north Georgia. After I was old enough (maybe 10?), I got to take the train from Charlotte to Toccoa … Continue reading


It happens every two years. My sister plans a weekend not too far from the Atlanta airport for us to get together with our kids and grandkids. It’s a great way for the east and west coast cousins to stay … Continue reading

My Most Expensive Meal Ever

Last weekend we splurged to celebrate Lorette’s first step toward retirement: going from full time to four days a week. We ate at Cafe Juanita in Seattle and opted for the chef’s tasting menu along with the select wine pairings. … Continue reading

Three Retired Amigos

Jeff, Max and I are retired. Several months ago we decided to start a ‘Boys Day Out’ to explore the local landscape. So far this has included visits to the Museum of Glass, the western art collection at the Tacoma Art … Continue reading