Earlier this year I bought a couple of artichoke starts at the farmer’s market just to see what they would do. Well, they actually grew and produced several chokes on each plant. Here are some photos of the result.

Several weeks ago

Several weeks ago

I probably waited a little too long to harvest them but yesterday was the day. The following photos show some interesting shapes and textures.

_MG_4822-2 _MG_4818-2 _MG_4817-2

Apparently humans aren’t the only species that appreciate the finer qualities of artichokes.

A Banded Garden Spider

A Banded Garden Spider

And finally, one I left on the stalk is going to seed.


Tonight we’ll find out how they actually taste.


Artichokes — 5 Comments

  1. So will the ones going to seed become seedlings that can be used next year or do they need some type of cross pollination? I know little about artichokes except they certainly grow them large here vs. MT

  2. Sheila, I found a YouTube video about harvesting artichoke seeds so I might give it a try with the one choke I left on the stem. The other thing I’ve thought about is installing a mister and a fog horn so the little plants think that they are on the California coast.