Summer Flora

One of my experiments this year is an attempt to grow artichokes. Starters were available at the farmer’s market in the spring so I figured if they were selling the little plants, somebody must be growing them. I bought two … Continue reading

Road Trip, Part 4

Road Trip, Part 4 wraps up our week in Glacier Park. Here are several photos of the Lake McDonald area: McDonald Creek’s opaque color is the result of glacial grinding of rock into fine particles that become suspended in water. … Continue reading

Road Trip, Part 3

Mid-week and the Going To The Sun Road still has not opened for the season so we are exploring the park around the edges. First stop was the Isaac Walton Inn in Essex, Montana, half way between the west and … Continue reading

Road Trip

Each year (more or less), Lorette and her sisters get together for a sibling bonding experience and include spouses. This year the rendezvous point was a log house in Montana just outside Glacier National Park. It has been a long … Continue reading

Mountain Lodge Farm

Last weekend a couple of friends and I drove out to an open house at Mountain Lodge Farm, a goat dairy and creamery not too far from Mt Rainier. Along the way, we were observed by some inquiring eyes: The … Continue reading

More Flowers?

No, not more flower photos! I know, when I started this blog, I intended it to include a range of stuff… food, travel, interesting things seen while walking the dog, that kind of thing. So far, I can’t seem to … Continue reading