It seems that several family members have been photographing various fungi lately. With the damp, cool conditions that we have ben experiencing, mushrooms are thriving. So here’s my contribution to this latest family obsession: photos of mushrooms in our neighbor’s … Continue reading


Earlier this year I bought a couple of artichoke starts at the farmer’s market just to see what they would do. Well, they actually grew and produced several chokes on each plant. Here are some photos of the result. I … Continue reading

Summer Flora

One of my experiments this year is an attempt to grow artichokes. Starters were available at the farmer’s market in the spring so I figured if they were selling the little plants, somebody must be growing them. I bought two … Continue reading

More Flowers?

No, not more flower photos! I know, when I started this blog, I intended it to include a range of stuff… food, travel, interesting things seen while walking the dog, that kind of thing. So far, I can’t seem to … Continue reading