Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

Last week, grandkids Elliott and Sam came for a visit. One of our adventures was to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park, a 725 acre wildlife park home to more than 200 animals native to the Pacific Northwest.

Before taking the tram, we had time to wander around some of the trails.

A Snowy Owl in a make-believe barn

River Otters

Cross section of a local tree that began its life in 1335.

Must be a cousin to the raccoons we have around our house.

A sleepy black bear

A forest nymph with a DSLR camera

After wandering around the various paved paths in the park, we boarded the tram for a tour of the 435-acre free-range area.

A newborn bison

Big Horn Sheep

Mountain Goat


Yet more Caribou

And, finally, a group selfie. From my grimace, it appears that was trying to exceed my arm’s normal reach.

Lorette, John, Sam and Elliott


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